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David Lord davidism at gmail.com
Mon Sep 2 12:55:26 EDT 2019

As part of moving our documentation off our custom doc server to Read the
Docs, and off the pocoo domain, I made the decision to take down the old
website, including the extension and snippets pages. The extensions list
had been unmaintained for *years*, and the "approved" marking had lost
meaning with many extensions on the list being unmaintained or deprecated
in favor of other extensions. It was just too much of a hassle to keep up,
and was lending a lot of weight to a very small subset of old extensions.
PyPI has a "Framework :: Flask"
<https://pypi.org/search/?c=Framework+%3A%3A+Flask> classifier now, which
extensions should use. I may bring the extension list back at some point,
but I'd want it to be part of the Pallets Lektor site, and to be
generalized to extensions for any of the Pallets projects.
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