[Flask] [EXT] Re: render_template_string doesn't render

Patrick L Jones plj at mitre.org
Thu Aug 19 08:39:47 EDT 2021


	Thank all of you who helped. I got it working as follows:

    def get(self):
        return Response('<h1>PLEASE CLOSE THIS WINDOW</h1>', 200, mimetype='text/html') 

thanx again


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On Wed, 18 Aug 2021 17:36:39 +0000, Patrick L Jones <plj at mitre.org> declaimed the following:
>	I'm using Chrome. I get the same result when I just return the string '<h1>PLEASE CLOSE THIS WINDOW</h1>' as using the render_template_string().  Chrome isn't recognizing it as html.  
>	As I said it the start of this thread my flask get() method is being called by an OAUTH2 redirect.  Any idea how I would make Chrome understand that its getting back html instead of text?

	I don't normally use Chrome, so I don't know what capabilities it provides (my closest exposure is the version on my cell-phone -- and that one seems to be optimized to push advertising at me over actual content, and doesn't support things like ad-block and no-script).

	Does it allow you to display the raw page source? If it does, what does that page look like? {Hmmm, disgusting -- even the U-verse modem /status/ page is over 400 lines of HTML}

indicates that the HTML mimetype is the default, but possibly something in your environment is overriding that -- however, (making an assumption here) https://pythonhosted.org/Flask-OAuth/ seems to reverse the scheme some in that it /sends/ "requests" -- and those requests default to either "urlencoded" or "json"; if one is transferring something else, one needs to provide "content_type" argument.

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	Hmmm, apparently another moderated forum made available on gmane's NNTP gateway. 

	Apologies to the admins then -- I much favor my newsreader for such forums as it manages threads and short term history much cleaner than my mail client would (autopurging old messages, distributing to a group-specific "folder" rather than requiring me to create filters, and fetching messages on my schedule -- vs either piecemeal during the day in my mail client, or one bundle per day that then needs to be burst to be reasonably usable [which my mail client can not do; my news client has the ability, but I'd have to create a distinct email address to separate forum posts from my regular email addresses]).

	At least the post did get accepted. I think the Firebird group I'm tracking is just round-filing any responses I make.

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