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Dougal Matthews dougal85 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 12:08:14 CET 2012

Hey all,

My name is Dougal and I'm a Pythonista that has recently moved to Glasgow.
have previously moved around a bit but lived in Edinburgh for a while and
co-founded the successful Python group over there... but that train is just
too damn slow to go all the time!

I see a few people have found this list already which is great. I created
a few weeks ago in an attempt to start something but have not yet made much
in the way of progress.

Is anybody willing to help me try and start a Python group in Glasgow?
Initially it would be a fairly informal afair and we'd probably arrange a
monthly pub meeting. After that, I think I would like to try and orgnainse
talks or other Python related events.

Initially however, I think we need to think about a couple of things;

- Group promotion
- When and where to organise the event.
- A simple website (the very very basic Python Edinburgh one I made years
  has been useful : http://www.pythonedinburgh.org )

If you know any other people that would be interested in Python, please have
them sign up to the list. The best way is just to send them to;

If anybody wants to join me on IRC, I'm in the #python-glasgow channel on
freenode. Using IRC really helped Python Edinburgh once we got a few people
in there regularly.

I'll try and follow up shortly with a proposal of dates and venues. However,
if anybody wants to make suggestions that would be great. I don't know all
that many good pubs yet in Glasgow so that would be particularly useful.

I'm going to be at Refresh this week, so if you go to that - find me. I'll
try and spread the word there too if there are any Python people around.
try to make it to TechMeetup this month too.

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