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I would vote for the 4th Monday. We get in before TMU, unlike the 4th 
Thurs where people might be tired/hungover.
And those wanting to attend both have 2 days between them.

Some thoughts on venues. If we want to have talks we need somewhere with 
AV equipment. I would suggest that at least to begin we follow the same 
model as Edinburgh (and soon Glasgow) Refresh whereby we only have talks 
once per quarter. So we could have a different venue for general meetups 
and talks.

General Venues:

Vespbar - http://vespbar.com/
Unfortunately quite a few meetups already use here. It's really hot when 
you get a few people in it but on the plus side you can get the 
downstairs for free and depending on numbers they'll even throw in some 

Old Hair Dressers - http://www.stereocafebar.com/index.php?pid=195675
Quite a cool wee space (if a little rough looking), very central with 
cheap drink prices. Internet access could be an issue and I'm not sure 
how their AV facilities have come along since I was last there. Also I'm 
not sure how much (if anything) it costs to hire.

Lansdowne - http://www.lansdownebar.co.uk/
Nice private area at the back which is free to hire during the week. 
Seats 20 comfortably with plenty of power/wifi. Staff are lovely and 
depending on group size can negotiate 20% off food. Cons are it is a bit 
out of the way (Kelvinbridge) and drinks are a bit pricey.

Slouch - http://www.slouch-bar.co.uk/
They have a sofa seating area at front which could comfortably seat ~12. 
One of my favorite Glasgow bars with great drink/food selection at good 
prices. Internet is an issue as it is a basement bar, maybe talk to them 
about Wifi access? Very central (Bath street)

Maggie Mays - http://maggiemays.info/press/
Like a bigger slouch (owned by same people) can be very loud, although I 
don't think it will be on a Monday unless they have a band on. Not quite 
as central.

Curler's rest - http://www.thecurlersrestglasgow.co.uk/
Good food, if booked upstairs sofa area could comfortably hold ~20 
although seating might be a bit split into groups. Nice food, good drink 
selection, moderately priced fairly private/quiet area upstairs.

AV Venues:

I haven't looked into many of these, only Sloans which has a lovely 
ballroom which can be kitted out. Think it is roughly £175 to hire.

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