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I still need to go through that list - hopefully do that tonight. 

However, Andy at refresh last night it was suggested to me 
that we try the Bath Street Pony for any events that require 
AV (for talks etc.) It looks pretty good and is also free to 
book during the week.


Has anybody been? I've no idea what its like other than what 
is on the website.


On Tuesday, 20 November 2012 at 14:18, Dougal Matthews wrote:

> Hi Aaron,
> Thanks for the detailed reply.
> On 20 November 2012 10:58, Aaron Bassett <abassett at twig-world.com (mailto:abassett at twig-world.com)> wrote:
> > 
> > I would vote for the 4th Monday. We get in before TMU, unlike the 4th Thurs where people might be tired/hungover.
> > And those wanting to attend both have 2 days between them.
> This sounds sensible to me. I'm be happy to move to this day assuming 
> nobody else chimes in with a reason we shouldn't. We can always review
> they day after a few months and check it works for as many people as 
> possible.
> > Some thoughts on venues. If we want to have talks we need somewhere with AV equipment. I would suggest that at least to begin we follow the same model as Edinburgh (and soon Glasgow) Refresh whereby we only have talks once per quarter. So we could have a different venue for general meetups and talks. 
> Yup, I had imagined the format would slowly evolve. I wanted to get as 
> much feedback from people as possible and see what they want. I've 
> been living in a few places across the UK recently so I've attended a 
> bunch of different meetups and have some ideas. The first meeting will
> most likely be a more casual affair.
> I would really like to run a Dojo (in the format of the London Python 
> Dojo) sometimes too. However, that has more requirements for the 
> space. I'm not sure if anybody else will be familiar with this but its
> great fun.
> > General Venues:
> This list looks great. The only one I know because I'm still new around
> there parts is Curlers (which I do like). However, it does mean that I'm 
> not in the best place to decide. I'll have a look around at them and 
> maybe even pop into a couple to get a feed for them.
> The only thing I'd say is that if Vespbar is used by a number of meetups 
> it might be good to pick another for variation. I'm going there tomorrow
> night for Refresh though, so I'll see what its like.
> Dougal 

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