[Python Glasgow] Python Development Opportunities - in Edinburgh

Kevin Renton KRenton at headresourcing.com
Tue Dec 10 15:56:26 CET 2013

Hello Python Glasgow

We are now recruiting for a second Python Sprint team based in Edinburgh for a fast growing, successful software product company
that has based their new development centre in Edinburgh.

Opportunities for Python developers at all levels, working in an agile environment -
you will be building products / applications using Python and the Django framework as your core technology.

These are key hires for the organisation, the investment in their team and environment is central to the values of this project
- if you would like more information on this unique opportunity then please get in touch.

krenton at headresourcing.com<mailto:krenton at headresourcing.com>

Kevin Renton
Senior Consultant - Permanent Division

Tel:      0131 625 9621
Mob:    07766 721 436
Email:  krenton at headresourcing.com<mailto:krenton at headresourcing.com>
Web:    www.headresourcing.com<http://www.headresourcing.com>
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Head Resourcing Limited | 2 Manor Place | Edinburgh EH3 7DD

Take a peek at our new website. We think you'll like it!<http://www.headresourcing.com/>

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