[Python Glasgow] How to write lines that start with TRAN to another output file

Hedieh Ebrahimi hedieh.ebrahimi at amphos21.com
Thu Mar 21 14:00:31 CET 2013

Hi all,

I am trying to write the below code to be able to read from a text file and
fine lines that start with
TRAN  and then write this line and the next 2 following lines to another
file called Output.txt.

my code is as below:

with open('p.txt') as f1:
  with open('Output.txt', 'a') as f2:
    for line in f1:
      if line.startswith('TRAN'):

but when i type python he.py in folder where the p.txt and Output.txt are
located, nothing happens and no data is written to the output file.

Could somebody please tell me where is my error?

Thanks in advance
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