[Python Glasgow] [JOB] Django Tastypie/Rest-framework short term

Lee McLaughlin lee at icmobilelab.com
Mon Oct 14 14:28:24 CEST 2013


I'm looking fro a Django Tastypie/Rest-framework developer for a short term
job, estimated 4-7 days work.

We have a current version running but need to refactor the models for a new
version and want to take the opportunity to just restart the project as
it's fairly basic right now anyway.

Simple REST Service that supports 3 data models (collection, item,
userprofile) and filtering collection by lon,lat (just bounding box so
standard TastyPie property filtering is sufficient)

Needs to have ability to login using a facebook access token(currently
implemented with django-social-auth) + username/password login using xAuth
or OAuth 2.0 to authenticate the mobile app/website accessing the service.

Deployed on an Amazon EC2 instance, deployment script would be handy :)

Must return Amazon S3 presigned headers for webservice client to upload to
S3 (working code sample can be provided for this)

We are a mobile app development company which also develops related web
services for the apps, we outsource work we don't have capacity for to good
freelancers that can deliver. If we have misjudged the effort estimate on
the project please comment.

Please let us know availability in reply, looking for a quick start.

Will use Trello for project communication and can provide suggested JSON
data models and sample code from other project to speed up development.

Your more than welcome to come into the office if your Glasgow based while
your working on the project.

Thanks for reading,

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