[Python Glasgow] Python Glasgow Dojo next month 12th November!

Kevin Brolly kevin.brolly at gmail.com
Thu Oct 24 15:44:03 CEST 2013

Hey all,

Next month we are running another dojo!  Twig are hosting again and will
be providing pizza and beer, previous attendees should note that Twig has
moved to the building next door, so the new address is:

4th Floor
14 North Claremont Street
G3 7LE

Twig is look for a Python/Django developer to join them on a contract basis,
most likely 3 months to start. We're developing in Django 1.6 (and hoping
it hits a
production release before we do!) on the server-side and HTML5 with
Bootstrap 3
and Backbone on the client. You'll be joining our team in the Glasgow
working on the next major release of www.twig-world.com

For those of you that don't know, a dojo is a fun coding event where we
into teams and hack on a problem for about 90 minutes. The focus is on
something working and making progress rather than on code quality, so feel
free to take on the problem any way you wish! Then at the end we will share
what we found. It's great fun and good for learning too. All levels of
are welcome as you can contribute to your team with ideas and discussion.

Last time we tried to build applications to calculate the degrees of
between two people, many teams got IMDB data and tried to match two actors
together from films they had been in.

We will be following the format of the London Python Dojo - to read more
what to expect look here:

The dojo's are usually really well attended so make sure to get your ticket
now at:

See you all there!

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