[Python Glasgow] New in Glasgow

Unai Zalakain contact at unaizalakain.info
Wed Sep 10 12:44:00 CEST 2014


>Thanks for a good night in DryGate was nice to meet you all. Spoke 
>breifly about Django, I was curious to know what version of python you 
>guys use when dealing with web dev and Django?

I managed to convince the manager at work to start using Python 2.7.  
Until now they used Python 2.6 because of their deployment CentOS 

For the projects I develop as a freelance I use Python 2.7. I'm looking 
forwards to moving to Python 3.4 but quite a number of Django apps still 
don't support it yet (but Django does!).

Right now I began working on an API for a local radio station (user 
playlists, podcasts, shows, etc.) of the basque country.  Once I 
identify all the strictly needed dependencies, I'm going to check if 
they have been ported to 3.4. If those who weren't are "easily" portable 
maybe I can put in the time and effort to submit a couple of PRs ;-)

Right now, it's See you!


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