[Python Glasgow] Dojo reminder and free books

Dougal Matthews dougal at dougalmatthews.com
Mon Sep 22 12:13:17 CEST 2014


This is just a reminder of the Dojo we running on the 14th of
October. Grab a ticket here if you don't have one already:


More Dojo details:


I'll also be bringing two free books to give away at the Dojo
(all you need to do is sign up and come along). We will then
pull names from a hat for those interested in each book.

- Flask Web Development by Miguel Grinberg - a great introduction
  book to Flask web development and it only requires basic Python
  knowledge too.

- Seven Concurrency Models in Seven Weeks by Paul Butcher - I've
  not read this yet but I'm looking forward to doing so before I
  bring it :)

I have been given both of these to review and then hand out at
the group as we are part of the O'Reilly user group program.


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