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Chris Hodder chris.hodder at beeksfx.com
Tue Jul 25 13:12:55 EDT 2017

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for adding me to the list. I know it looks pretty spammy to send 
a job recruitment message out as my first email, but I just wanted to 
try and get in touch with folks who might be interested in some jobs at 
the company I work for, as we're kind of struggling to get good developers.

We have 2 Python/Django Junior Web Developer roles, open to recent 
graduates or people with web developer experience looking to change 
languages. The plan is for one of these roles to be more back end or 
full stack, and the other to be more front end, which will mean getting 
stuck into Javascript and jQuery. I've attached a full job spec that 
we're using for the back end role.

To give you a little bit of a background, the company is Beeks Financial 
Cloud ( https://www.beeksfinancialcloud.com/ ). We do IaaS, providing 
VPS and DS and related services to the Forex (Foreign Exchange) market. 
We're fairly small (<40 people), but very dispersed (our lead developer 
is in New York for example). At the moment we're building a development 
team basically from scratch at our Glasgow (well... Paisley) HQ, to work 
on a web portal which customers can use to control and provision the 
servers we host (think AWS). The first version of the system is already 
in production, but we need to expand the functionality a lot, and there 
are further projects in the pipeline.

If you're interested, please drop myself an email ( 
chris.hodder at beeksfx.com ). If you know anyone who might be interested, 
please feel free to forward them this email/job spec.

We're also looking for a DevOps (as is everyone, I gather), so if you're 
looking to get into that or know anyone who is, get in touch or tell 
them to give me a shout and I can send a separate job spec.

Sorry again for the job spam (I'm not a recruiter, I swear! :) ), I hope 
to meet some of you at meet ups in the future.



Dr. Chris Hodder

Software Engineer - Beeks Financial Cloud

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