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Hear hear!

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Hi Folks,

Time for a guilt trip that can easily be countered by a small and
painless transaction (skip to the end for the link)... ;-)

Do you use Python? (Of course you do!)

It's cool to benefit from such a great ecosystem & related
infrastructure, right..?

As you're all aware, the Python Software Foundation (PSF) support this
community and pay the bills for quite a number of aspects of it (eg, who
pays for PyPI, core-Python sprints costs etc?). The PSF also gives away
most of its money as grants to community based events, educational
outreach, conferences (including PyCon UK) and development sprints to
groups from all over the world. As a member of the grants working group
I see the huge impact such support has for the continued flourishing of
Python the language and Python the community.

I'm sad (and a tad frustrated) to report that ONLY 52 PEOPLE HAVE
DONATED to the relatively modest $20k PSF donation drive.

* If you're someone who thinks, "I'd love to support the Python
community but I just don't have time to volunteer" -- then making a
small contribution via the site linked below is *how you fulfil your
desire to support*.

* If you're someone who works at a company who makes heavy use of Python
and its related infrastructure then please consider making a donation as
an individual (after all, your job relies on this community and its
efforts) and also encourage your managers to make a corporate donation.

* If you're someone who simply doesn't have the spare cash, that's fine!
But if you can encourage those in a position to contribute (such as your
employer perhaps?) that would be greatly appreciated.

Here's the link:


Thank you in advance for your support!

Best wishes,


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