[group-organizers] Open Session

David Christian david.christian at gmail.com
Sat Feb 20 20:14:25 CET 2010

Hi all,
I haven't put up any open spaces to continue the discussion of user
group organizers.  I'd like to talk about Conferences but there isn't
really any time that works for me before the end of the conference
(saturday evening is completely packed).

I propose that instead of having an open space, we add to the wiki
pages on python.org.  As it turns out, Andrew Kuchling has written a
resource about this already!


Here is a more general page of advice.


I'm happy to talk with anyone about this subject if they like while
we're here - just find me or email me - just not sure that I'm ready
to run a second open space.


NYC Python Organizer - http://meetup.com/nycpython/

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