[group-organizers] How to suggest videos for pyvideo.org

Peter Farrell pjf at maestropublishing.com
Mon Aug 3 18:26:52 CEST 2015

Have you tried using asciinema to record terminal sessions?

On Aug 2, 2015 7:48 PM, "Greg Wilson" <gvwilson at software-carpentry.org>

> Hi Sheila; thanks for your mail.  +1 to indexing events vs. one-offs, and
> to YouTube hosting.  We still haven't found a decent tool for recording
> terminal sessions - I really want something that records text *as text*
> (better for accessibility, better for rescaling, smaller payload), but (a)
> nothing I've found does what I want, and (b) it obviously doesn't integrate
> with classic pixel-stream video, so I'll be happy with whatever's easiest
> to produce.
> Cheers,
> Greg
> On 2015-07-30 4:31 PM, sheila miguez wrote:
>> I've talked this over with Will (I've cc-d him so he can pipe up if I
>> have it wrong) before because I was wondering about having a category for
>> Software Carpentry videos. The consensus we reached was to index events
>> versus one-off videos. If you or anyone have a corner case that you think
>> might fit, I'd recommend opening an issue in pyvideo/pyvideo.
>> Now on to the next questions.
>> For hosting, right now I'd say to host on YouTube and also upload the
>> file(s) to a bucket on the Internet Archive. I have $reasons I can tl;dr if
>> anyone is curious.
>> For screen capture and audio,
>> I'm going to cc Carl because he knows more about the hardware method than
>> I do. I'm also cc-ing Greg because he has thought about this a great deal.
>> Can we fip this list to public so that I can link to posts to people who
>> aren't subscribed? I could link this one to the Software Carpentry list and
>> ask if they have more recommendations.
>> For software, I don't have experience with that, but on the Software
>> Carpentry mailing list there was a post about this recently, <
>> http://lists.software-carpentry.org/pipermail/discuss_lists.software-carpentry.org/2015-June/003148.html>
>> and as of that post, Camstasia is recommended. I have no experience with it.
>> For stuff without sound, I am obsessed with finding tools for excellently
>> recording terminals, I don't have a favorite and I haven't experimented a
>> whole lot.  I recently discovered mkcast, <
>> http://lists.software-carpentry.org/pipermail/discuss_lists.software-carpentry.org/2015-July/003200.html>
>> which is neat because it overlays characters you type. That's nice for
>> teaching because it shows invisible characters.
>> on a tangent, for live casting, I've used ttycast before, which was
>> kickass because it gave a webpage where people could follow along and
>> copy-paste text. but better would be something that allows live casting
>> which displays an overlay of the keys that are being pressed.
>> For format choice
>> From my point of view,
>> 1. Anything that you can upload to youtube so that I can embed it in
>> pyvideo.
>> 2. Anything that is a FLOSS friendly format that you can upload to
>> archive.org <http://archive.org> or wikimedia commons so that I can
>> provide a link to a downloadable file that anyone can use.
>> A nice feature of archive.org <http://archive.org> is that you can
>> upload something and it will transcode the heck out of things and you'll
>> end up with all kinds of formats. You might want to do the transcoding
>> yourself in order to get the best results, ask Carl about that because he
>> has a lot of experience transcoding things and picking formats and picking
>> the best settings.
>> On Thu, Jul 30, 2015 at 10:04 AM, Brian Ray <brianhray at gmail.com <mailto:
>> brianhray at gmail.com>> wrote:
>>     Sheila:
>>     Outside of conferences, is it possible to submit videos one
>>     records of their own desktop? For example, say I want to record
>>     myself going through a tutorial with just screenshare and audio.
>>     How does this work? Will PyVideo host? What software and format do
>>     I need to use?
>>     On Thu, Jul 30, 2015 at 10:49 AM, sheila miguez <shekay at pobox.com
>>     <mailto:shekay at pobox.com>> wrote:
>>         Hi all,
>>         I finally wrote a wiki page about how to suggest videos for
>>         pyvideo.org <http://pyvideo.org>.
>>         <
>> https://github.com/pyvideo/pyvideo/wiki/Suggesting-videos-for-the-site>
>>         This goes in a little bit of detail about the type of
>>         information we'd like
>>         about videos.
>>         cheers!
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