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Brian Ray brianhray at gmail.com
Fri Aug 14 20:31:14 CEST 2015

In chicago we have some very active co-organizers. They currently are:

Current ChiPy Organizers:

   -     Brian Ray: Chair
   -     Adam Bain: Treasurer
   -     Adam Forsyth: Director of Sponsorship / Fund Raising
   -     Cezar Jenkins: Mailing list / Website
   -     Jason Wirth: Finance SIG Chair, Outreach
   -     Jerry Dumblauskas: Director of Professional Development
   -     Joe Jasinski: Talk Coordinator
   -     Tathagata Dasgupta: Director of Mentorship Program
   -     Tanya Schlusser: Director of Ethics/Conduct

Some are on this list and can talk more about their role. I am pretty much
open to people taking there own route.

With that said, I actually found it helpful to not have too many
co-organizers at first. I think the key is to be as consistent as possible.
For example, last night, someone asked if we can start :30 minutes earlier.
Well I told them no as we have done this this way for almost 13 years. It
is a point of constancy.

As you start your group, you will notice how people are all excited at
first and want to help. Consider what keeps it going once that initial
excitement dies down. Would you want to still have the meeting and keep
things moving if only one other person shows up? Perhaps the answer should
always be Yes. You as the organizer should make a commitment to keep it
going regardless for at least 1 year. I would say if you only have 2 people
showing up after a year, then it might be better to move on. The point is
you are taking this on and your role and your commitment is one of selfish
endeavor. I am sure many on this list can relate.

Warm regards and welcome!

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