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Abhishek Pradhan abhishekpradhan050.ap at gmail.com
Sun Jan 6 03:13:32 EST 2019

Sir/Madam, I am a second year computer science student , who has intermediate knowledge of python,numpy and pandas and some basic knowledge of tensorflow.
I want to contribute on some of your projects related to python or ML, but the problem is that I feelkind of intimidating as I almost don’t know most of the terms.

So can u plz suggest/advice me on the topic that whether I can be part of a project, I am purely want ot be part of any project for the experience and knowledge.
I know basics of programming and some machine learning stuff, and was learning database in my holidays. So can u tell me what are my options or what should I do so that I can be qualified to be part of your one of the projects.
Also I know how to use git too.
Abhishek Pradhan
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