[GSoC-general] How to get started

Terri Oda terri at toybox.ca
Wed Jan 30 05:16:13 EST 2019

Hi all!

We're gearing up for GSoC 2019, and reviewing ideas pages from potential 
sub-orgs right now.  You should see the first few up already, and we're 
hoping to have a reasonably complete set up there on Feb 5th so that 
we're ready for Google to read our application.

Our mailing list automatically sends people a link to the website when 
they post to this list, but for those of you reading the archives (or 
working up the courage to ask something) here's that link:


The most common question we get at this stage is "how do I get started?" 
which is answered here:


The super-short version:

1. Choose a sub-org. (Check the website for participating sub-orgs!)

2. Set up your own development environment

3. Start communicating with the developers of your chosen sub-org

4. Try to fix a bug

5. Find bugs and report them

6. Help with documentation

7. Help others

Read the website for more details on each of those, and you can find 
other frequently asked questions here: 

Good luck!


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