[GSoC-general] Wanting to work on Penalized or regularized GMM (Statsmodels)

Axat Chaudhary axat.chaudhary96 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 9 11:30:32 EST 2019

Dear mentors,

Hope you are doing well.

I am Axat Chaudhari, currently pursuing Master of Science in Computer
Science at the University of Texas at Dallas. I am very much interested to
work on penalized or regularized GMM in Statsmodels sub-org during GSOC

Re-implementing research papers and writing mathematics in official,
object-oriented fashion so that everyone can better understand and use it,
has always been exciting for me. This is the reason I am interested in this
project. I would feel very proud writing the code in statsmodel which would
be used by many scholars. It would add great experience to my knowledge

Although, I have barley started open source contribution and but I have
zeel for writing math code in python and for that reason I believe that I
would be able to successfully finish the project within time frame and
writing clean, usable and aligning with Statsmodels' standards.

I request you to give me this opportunity and It would be great help if you
could help me in this regard. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks & Regards,
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