[GSoC-general] Guidance for Gsoc application

Terri Oda terri at toybox.ca
Mon Mar 25 02:25:43 EDT 2019

Thank you for your interest!  Please read the application instructions 
found here:


I don't think we have any projects interested in standard library work 
(Python already has a pretty extensive one and even our projects with 
more specific data structure needs are mature enough to have their own) 
but hopefully there are other projects available that might interest you!

On 2019-03-23 11:38 AM, Shreya Joshi wrote:
> My name is Shreya Joshi, I am currently pursuing Bachelor of 
> Engineering with Computer Science and Engineering as my Major. I am in 
> the last semester of my studies. I would like to make generic class
> for stack,queue,tree,graph,linked list just like c++ stl.
> I am fond of mathematics and have implemented almost all integration 
> and differentiation formulas in c language without using any library.
> I have made an image processing tool
> by implementing all its operations from scratch without using opencv 
> library in python.
> I have done a number of projects in Python/C++ and I have in-depth 
> knowledge of both the languages. I have also done certification 
> courses of Machine learning, deep learning and Data Science from 
> Stanford University , Google Cloud (Using TensorFlow) , John Hopkins 
> and University of Washington with Coursera as an Online platform.
> I am very much interested in digital imaging and applying Machine 
> learning on the digital data obtained, right now me and my team are 
> implementing ocpp based central server to manage all the operations of 
> charging machine used to charge electric vehicles and developed 
> android app in order to perform charging transactions.
> which will soon be launched on play store for Tvesas Electric 
> Solutions Pvt. Ltd
> Any guidance or Help on How to apply for project Ideas for this season 
> of GSoC would be greatly appreciated.
> Thank You for your time and consideration. Sincerely
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