[GSoC-general] Getting started

Terri Oda terri at toybox.ca
Tue Mar 23 20:28:31 EDT 2021

For those lurking on the list or reading the archives, you may be wondering
why some messages seem to get no reply.  They're getting handled by our
auto-responder, which sends this message:

Thank you for your interest in GSoC!  All the latest information, including
information on how to get started, can be found here:


You probably want to read our instructions on getting started:

And then our instructions on how to apply:

We do our best to answer all of the common questions we have on the
website, so that's probably the best place to start if you're unsure.
There's also tips there on how to get selected, stuff about slot
assignments, and more.    If you ask a question here that's already
answered by the auto-reply, that's probably all the answer you needed, so
we leave it at that.

Here's one more tip special to this year for those who made it to the end
of the email: the *first* org on our ideas page (the PSF gsoc team) isn't
looking for any beginner-level students this year (we need someone who
already knows enough django to jump in on some trickier bugs).  So if
you're a beginner, make sure to go further down the list to find some good
projects suitable for you!

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