[I18n-sig] P1.6a1- Win98 - unicode issues

Doug Edmunds dae_alt3@juno.com
Mon, 10 Apr 2000 12:24:22 -0700

py-ver: 1.6a
os: Win98

I am able to copy/paste Cyrillic unicode 
from Internet Explorer 5
into IDLE, without losing fonts.  Text appears 
identical to original. I can wrap the text with 
a print statement "<PUT_CYRILLIC_HERE>" 
and it will print the string.

However writing into IDLE is a problem:
if I switch to the Cyrillic keyboard layout
in IDLE, the fonts change to something, but it is not
Cyrillic (perhaps upper ascii??).

In contrast, WIn98 Wordpad (which will read/
write unicode) associates the keyboard to the
'script' of the font.  Selecting Russian keyboard
automatically switches from Courier New (Western)
to Courier New (Cyrillic).

Can this operability be extended to IDLE?
Without keyboard access 
If not, is there a way to change which font set
appears when the Russian (or other foreign) keyboard is 

Ideally I would write everything in unicode 
just as written, using WordPad (or Outlook Express, Juno, etc.)
mixing the languages thusly ( simple 1 line script)

print '???????? ?????'

but IDLE won't read unicode scripts.

10 April 2000

example texts from internet - 
1 original encoding was Win1251, 
IE5 browser converts to unicode, 
prints in IDLE and Wordpad
(original Win1251 lost)

???????? ????? ??????? ? ??????????? ???????? ??????????????. ??? ?????
??? ?????? ??????? ?? ????? ????? ?????? ?? ????????????? ??????? ?

example text original encoded as KOI8-r, which IE5 browser
again turned into unicode. (original KOI8-r lost)

?????? ???? ???????? ???????? ??? ????? ? ?????? ??? ????? ????????
????????? ?????. 

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