[I18n-sig] repost: py16a2p1 IDLE annoyance

takeuchi takeuchi.shohei@lab.ntt.co.jp
Tue, 11 Apr 2000 14:24:41 +0900

Ooops , The post with Japanese characters is not suitable here.

Ok, I  will try again.

Hi folks,

Thank you Guido for updating IDLE shell string input features according to
my private mail.

I've just got your py1.6a2p1 from the site
and tried. I hate to say like this but
IDLE shell is worse than before.

Here is another my story.

IDLE shell now has a consistant behavior to command line shell
except appearance  on Win98 !
While Input string is saved as a Proper native encoded string (Shift JIS ),
echo backed string looks broken on the screen.
So user can not see the griph at all !

On Py1.6a2p1 IDLE Shell with Win98 Japanese Edition
# When Type Japanese alphabet  A
   (please take this as  a Japanese character)
>>> s = raw_input("Echo backed broken griph")
>>>  s
'\202\240'  # SHift JIS encoding for the input
>>> print s
Echo backed broken griph
>>> u = unicode( s,"mbcs")
>>> u
u'\u3042'  # UTF-8 encoding for s
>>>print u
A proper griph comes up

Tk8.3 seems to handle only UTF-8 strings,
so I think IDLE have to go with them.

I hope IDLE allows to  customize shell
encoding so that unicode object is created
automatically from key input.

Any Idea?

Best Regards,