[I18n-sig] Re:naming codecs

Frank J.S. Chen frank63@ms5.hinet.net
Fri, 8 Dec 2000 04:17:56 -0000

> > GNU Emacs gives the name "iso-2022-7bit" to the encoding that
> > can encode JIS X 0201 Katakana.  However, this name is too big
> > to use for the ISO-2022-JP variant, since iso-2022-7bit can
> > encode all character sets that GNU Emacs supports.
> >
> How about "iso-2022-hwkk"?  I think somebody who knows Japanese
> information processing will probably guess this, and they will
> certainly not forget it.

Agree. Since Halfwidth Katakana is a special encoding scheme for Japan 
in Japanese computers system history, it is absolutely required that
knows and uses associated legacy operating system that supports Halfwidth
But I think it still has a "jp" in that name, like ISO-2022-JP-HWKK, so
that someone like
me won't consider it as a mysterous mapping table at a first glance.

Chen Chien-Hsun