[I18n-sig] Locales module

Andy Robinson andy@robanal.demon.co.uk
Mon, 14 Feb 2000 09:47:53 GMT

On Wed, 9 Feb 2000 08:29:42 +0100 (MET), you wrote:

>Please excuse my ignorance, if I've missed something.  But you sure know
>about 'locale.py', which already comes included with Python 1.5.2
>and works very well for me together with time.strftime. (at least under
>several flavours of Unix/Linux, its currently  missing from Jacks=20
>ready to run Mac-ppython package). =20
>What additional functionality should the upcoming module provide?
>Regards, Peter

Wow!  No, I did not know about this at all.  I tested it and it works
fine on Windows.  I don't know about the POSIX API, but this is
essentially a static database so I presume one could dump the contents
into a data structure which the Mac etc. used if "from _locale import
*" fails.  (I suspect it could do with some more convenience stuff
layered on top to do number and string formatting, and a bit more
documentation - but non-critical).

This was mentioned as a deficiency at IPC8, so we need to find out who
said that and what they think is missing.  Another attendant had
serious questions about time zone handling, and I don't know what the
issues are there either.  Anyone have any feelings on this?

- Andy