[I18n-sig] UTF-8 decoder in CVS still buggy

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Sun, 16 Jul 2000 15:29:58 +0200

Florian Weimer wrote:
> The UTF-8 decoder is still buggy (i.e. it doesn't pass Markus Kuhn's
> stress test), mainly due to the following construct:
>     #define UTF8_ERROR(details)  do {                       \
>         if (utf8_decoding_error(&s, &p, errors, details))   \
>             goto onError;                                   \
>         continue;                                           \
>     } while (0)
> (The "continue" statement is supposed to exit from the outer loop,
> but of course, it doesn't.  Indeed, this is a marvelous example of
> the dangers of the C programming language and especially of the C
> preprocessor.)
> I've already sent a patch quite some time ago, but nobody bothered to
> apply it to the CVS tree.

Sorry about that.

> Shall I resend it or shall I assume that
> the Python developers don't care about this problem?

I've checked in a fix which should remedy the problem.
Could you run the stress test using the fixed
interpreter ?

BTW, how much code is the stress test ? Maybe we should add
some of it to the test suite.

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