[XML-SIG] Re: [I18n-sig] Re: [Python-Dev] Unicode debate

Henry S. Thompson ht@cogsci.ed.ac.uk
04 May 2000 09:51:39 +0100

Guido van Rossum <guido@python.org> writes:


> My ASCII proposal is a compromise that tries to be fair to both uses
> for strings.  Introducing byte arrays as a more fundamental type has
> been on the wish list for a long time -- I see no way to introduce
> this into Python 1.6 without totally botching the release schedule
> (June 1st is very close already!).  I'd like to be able to move on,
> there are other important things still to be added to 1.6 (Vladimir's
> malloc patches, Neil's GC, Fredrik's completed sre...).
> For 1.7 (which should happen later this year) I promise I'll reopen
> the discussion on byte arrays.

I think I hear a moderate consensus developing that the 'ASCII
proposal' is a reasonable compromise given the time constraints.  But
let's not fail to come back to this ASAP -- it _really_ narcs me that
every time I load XML into my Python-based editor I'm going to convert
large amounts of wide-string data into UTF-8 just so Tk can convert it
back to wide-strings in order to display it!

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