[I18n-sig] Sourceforge Project now operational

Andy Robinson andy@reportlab.com
Thu, 2 Nov 2000 15:42:52 -0000

I just got reunited with my password and unblocked Frank Chen's
message.  For future reference, any messages over 40k get held
for approval; it's better if we use some incoming FTP space on
SourceForge.  Both packages are now available via anon FTP at:


(If you want to know how to upload files, here's the help

Now for the big problem:  CVS tree structure.  We can have
multiple projects under our account.  These should be named with
some thought as each will naturally correspond to some future
Python package.  In addition, several people are new to CVS, and
I know I did some things wrong in the first few days.  I have put
the two packages so far into a "practicecodecs" project into
which people can check in anything, while we do a little planning
on the main package.  This can be browsed on the web at


To pull these down
  set CVSROOT =
  cvs checkout practicecodecs

...and end up with...


Anyone else wishing to check in and share bits of code should
check this out, then add a new directory of their own under the
top level.  Just don't start new top-level projects until
everyone on the SIG is agreed.

Meanwhile, what are we aiming for in the long run?  Is it ONE
add-on package with most of the world's codecs?  Or several?  If
one, do we just call it python-codecs, and if several, what's a
good naming convention?