[I18n-sig] KoreanCodecs

Andy Robinson andy@reportlab.com
Sun, 5 Nov 2000 17:50:45 -0000

> I have found that if we want to upload files to python-codecs,
> there is a "scp" command, like:
> scp filename.tar.gz
> jsfrank@shell1.sourceforge.net:/home/group/ftp/pub/python-codecs
> Is this true? ftp has such a command, scp?

No.  This is a "secure copy" utility which comes with SSH.
The idea is that FTP is only used for anonymous downloads,
but sourceforge developers always use Secure Shell and
Secure Copy to get in, which never transmit a plain
text password across the internet.

If you work on Linux, you probably have it already; if
you follow the instructions for using SourceForge from
Windows, the things you download will include SCP.
(If on Mac, one of my people is battling with that
and will have some notes shortly :-) )
If you get stuck, email me; I have full instructions
around somewhere.

- Andy