[I18n-sig] JapaneseCodecs 1.1 with ISO-2022-JP codec

Tamito KAJIYAMA kajiyama@grad.sccs.chukyo-u.ac.jp
Sat, 25 Nov 2000 08:33:50 +0900

* M.-A. Lemburg:
| A codec is only
| require to handle (at least) one encoding. It may use fallback
| solutions and thus allow more than one encoding to be decoded,
| but encoding should not produce more than one possible output.

Thank you for the clarification.  I was somewhat confused.

| > BTW, in the SourceForge Patch Manager there was a patch for
| > fixing the problem exactly described in the quotation above:
| > 
| > http://sourceforge.net/patch/?func=detailpatch&patch_id=101477&group_id=5470
| I read that patch, but IMHO it doesn't go all the way. See the
| patch page for details. What we'd need is some buffering code
| in the UTF-16 codec.

I agree.  I did not known there were so many line breaking
defined in Unicode when I posted the patch.

| BTW, your email address bounces...

That sounds strange.  The mail delivery from the list seems
quite smooth.  Please drop me a line if the mail bounce
continues.  I will ask the site admins to fix the problem.


KAJIYAMA, Tamito <kajiyama@grad.sccs.chukyo-u.ac.jp>