[I18n-sig] Python Translation

Andy Robinson andy@reportlab.com
Mon, 4 Sep 2000 10:00:16 +0100

> But if it is a priority for you, I won't stop you!  It
> would probably
> best be implemented as a custom translator.  We're thinking about
> making the Python chain of command (input loop -> parser -> compiler
> -> optimizer -> bytecode interpreter -> runtime) more pluggable in
> future (post-2.0) versions, and an internationalization pass would
> easily plug in there.
For inspiration on what can be done with pluggable parsers, check out
Damian Conway's lingua::romana::perligata.  He built an alternate
syntax and parser for Perl in Latin, getting a lot of help from the
Monash classics department on the correct case endings to substitute
for $, @ and all that stuff.  Don't ask me why.  (Sorry, I don't have
a URL and am off line at the moment).

BTW, I sat next to him at an author signing at which someone was
volunteering to do the Klingon port and make Perl the official
scripting language of the Klingon empire.   It seems like there is
More Than One Way to Say "die" in Klingon.  We'd better watch out.

- Andy Robinson