[I18n-sig] Modified open() builtin (Re: Python Character Model)

Barry A. Warsaw barry@digicool.com
Sun, 11 Feb 2001 09:30:13 -0500

>>>>> "PP" == Paul Prescod <paulp@ActiveState.com> writes:

    PP> We (at least some subset of the people in the i18n-sig) want
    PP> every single new instance of the "open" function to declare an
    PP> encoding.

I've barely followed this discussion at all, but what you say here
causes my greatest nagging concern to bubble to the surface.  I write
lots of programs for which i18n isn't a requirement, and may never be.
It seems like you saying that you want me to have to confront issues
like encodings, character sets, unicode, multiplicity of string types,
etc. in even the simplest, most xenophobic programs I write.  That
would be, IMO, a loss of epic proportions to the simplicity and "brain
fitting" nature of Python.

I have no problems, and in fact encourage, facilities in Python to
help me i18n-ify my programs when I'm ready and need to.  But not
before.  I really hope I'm misunderstanding.