[I18n-sig] Re: Python and Unicode == Britain and the Euro?

Paul Prescod paulp@ActiveState.com
Sun, 11 Feb 2001 14:05:00 -0800

Tim Peters wrote:
> ...
> What's the point?  As I said before, the *intent* was that Python source
> code use 7-bit ASCII.  All we're demonstrating here is the various ways in
> which the Ref Man is consistent with that intent.  Go beyond that, and if
> "it works" you're seeing a platform accident, albeit a reliable accident on
> the major Python platforms.

I still don't understand the point...

It's like saying that Vancouver doesn't need drug rehab clinics because
drugs are illegal here. <wink> 

We can't move to all-ASCII text files at this point even if we have
legal/historical justifications for doing so. The best we can do is try
to limit the damage of having the non-ASCII stuff floating around
without labels.

 Paul Prescod