[I18n-sig] naming codecs

Martin v. Loewis martin@loewis.home.cs.tu-berlin.de
Tue, 2 Jan 2001 09:35:27 +0100

> | > I consider releasing a version of the JapaneseCodecs package
> | > that will include a new codec for a variant of ISO-2022-JP.  The
> | > codec is almost the same as the ISO-2022-JP codec, but it can
> | > encode and decode Halfwidth Katakana (U+FF61 to U+FF9F) which
> | > can not be encoded with ISO-2022-JP as defined in RFC1468.
> | 
> | So how exactly does it encode them? 
> | 
> | Is that your own invention, or is there some precedent for that
> | encoding (e.g. in an operating system, or text processing system)?
> Halfwidth Katakana in Unicode corresponds to the character set
> JIS X 0201 Katakana, and this character set can be designated by
> the escape sequence "\033(I" in the framework of ISO 2022.

I found some time to look into this, and it appears that your encoding
deals with "JIS X 0201 Katakana", which I also found with the name
"JIS X 0201 (GR)".

I know you already found a name, but ... if your codec is indeed
*only* JISX 0201 Katakana, then why not name it that way
(e.g. "jisx-0201-katakana").