[I18n-sig] Codec licenses

Tom Emerson tree@basistech.com
Fri, 26 Jan 2001 18:33:24 -0500

I agree with Andy. I will also add that, for most of the encodings
we're looking at, there is no magic going on: EUC-KR or EUC-CN to
Unicode, and back, is a simple table lookup. Doing the ISO-2022
encodings is a bit more work, but it isn't rocket science.

As far as I'm concerned, a codec that merely wraps the Unicode
Consortium's mapping tables is hardly deserving of any license at
all. Using the existing codecs (or an Asian codec package) is an issue
of convenience more than anything.

This is not meant to belittle those who have written these
codecs... my point is merely that placing a highly restrictive license
such as the GPL on a codec is considerable overkill.

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