[I18n-sig] JapaneseCodecs and the license

Tim Peters tim.one@home.com
Fri, 8 Jun 2001 14:07:19 -0400

[Paul Prescod]
> Frank Chen has agreed to do the same for Chinese codecs. I asked him if
> he would do so a few days ago. He sent me a zipfile with a license that
> is:
> "It is licensed under the same license as Python 2.1."

Ah, licensing.  I suggest people hold off just a little longer on this.
While Python isn't released under the GPL, we've got nothing against it
either, and the FSF doesn't believe the 2.1 license is GPL *compatible*.  So
releasing more stuff under the 2.1 license will create that many more
problems for GPL'ed projects.

We have agreement from the FSF that the license for 2.0.1, 2.1.1 and 2.2
(whichever gets released first -- none have yet) is GPL-compatible, so
that's a friendlier target to shoot for.  For anyone who has actually read
all these things, the only real difference between 2.1's license and
2.0.1/2.1.1/2.2's is removing the contentious "State of Virginia"
choice-of-law clause.  I doubt that's a clause anyone in China would be keen
to keep anyway <wink>.