[I18n-sig] Autoguessing charset for Unicode strings?

Machin, John JMachin@Colonial.com.au
Wed, 20 Jun 2001 09:50:23 +1000

maybe not so expensive, depending on (a) what's in C and what's in Python
and (b) function call overhead and (c) what proportion of text needs which
character set ...

loop once through your Unicode;
	if there were any chars with ordinal > 255, then use UTF-8
	elif there were any > 127, then use iso-8859-1
	else use ASCII

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Now, many email readers will still choke these days when they see
UTF-8 (the Microsoft ones being positive exceptions here), but will
recognize Latin-1. So, another procedure might be

1. try to encode as ASCII
2. if that fails, try iso-8859-1
3. if that fails, use UTF-8

You'll see that this becomes more and more expensive.



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