[I18n-sig] Re: pygettext.py extraction of docstrings

Bruno Haible haible@ilog.fr
Wed, 20 Jun 2001 12:05:07 +0200 (MET DST)

barry@wooz.org writes:

>     MvL> I'd hope
>     MvL> that tools shouldn't go into flames if they see an extra
>     MvL> flag. Atleast GNU msgmerge does not show any concern.

The tools don't flame if there is an unknown #, flag, but the tools
like msgmerge currently don't preserve the flag either.

Support for other languages than C/C++ in the gettext tools is on my
list for gettext 0.12. This includes calling pygettext, and it also
includes support for language specific #, flags.

> I'm trying to close this issue out (along with the associated SF
> patch).  Since I haven't heard otherwise from Bruno, I'm going to
> change the output to produce "#, docstring" flags.