[I18n-sig] validity of lone surrogates (was Re: Unicode surroga tes: just say no!)

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[earlier correspondents]
>> Personally, I think that the codecs should report an error in the
>> appropriate fashion when presented with a python unicode string
>> which contains values that are not allowed, such as lone
>> surrogates.
> Other people have read Unicode 3.1 and came to the conclusion that
> it mandates that implementations accept such a character...

[big Gaute]
Well, they're wrong.  The standard is clear as ink in this regard.

[my comment]
Unfortunately ink is usually opaque :-)

The problem is caused by section 3.8 in Unicode 3.0, which is not
specifically amended by 3.1 as far as I can tell.

The offending text occurs after clause D29. It says "... every UTF supports
lossless round-trip transcoding ..." and "... a UTF mapping must also map
invalid Unicode scalar values to unique code value sequences. These invalid 
scalar values include [0xFFFE], [0xFFFF] and unpaired surrogates."

My interpretation of this is that the 2nd part I quoted says we must export
the guff,
and the 1st part says we must accept it back again.

I don't particularly like this idea, and am not in favour of codecs silently
accepting such in incoming data --- I'm just pointing out that this 
"lossless round-trip transcoding" concept seems to be at variance with
interpretations of what is "legal".


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