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Wed, 14 Aug 2002 11:00:59 +0600

=C7=E4=F0=E0=E2=F1=F2=E2=F3=E9=F2=E5, i18n-sig-request.

=C2=FB =EF=E8=F1=E0=EB=E8 Tuesday, August 13, 2002, 22:00:08:

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isrpo> Today's Topics:

isrpo>    1. Please confirm your request to join locales (Yahoo! Groups)

isrpo> --__--__--

isrpo> Message: 1
isrpo> Date: 12 Aug 2002 17:01:53 -0000
isrpo> From: Yahoo! Groups <confirm-s2-oUAuzXAgtViwWf0GRcFYm7ysMyE-i18n-s=
isrpo> Reply-To: confirm-s2-oUAuzXAgtViwWf0GRcFYm7ysMyE-i18n-sig=3Dpython=
isrpo> To: i18n-sig@python.org=20
isrpo> Subject: [I18n-sig] Please confirm your request to join locales

isrpo> Hello i18n-sig@python.org,

isrpo> We have received your request to join the locales=20
isrpo> group hosted by Yahoo! Groups, a free, easy-to-use community servi=

isrpo> This request will expire in 21 days.


isrpo> 1) Go to the Yahoo! Groups site by clicking on this link:

isrpo>    http://groups.yahoo.com/i?i=3DoUAuzXAgtViwWf0GRcFYm7ysMyE&e=3Di=

isrpo>   (If clicking doesn't work, "Cut" and "Paste" the line above into=
isrpo>    Web browser's address bar.)

isrpo> -OR-

isrpo> 2) REPLY to this email by clicking "Reply" and then "Send"
isrpo>    in your email program

isrpo> If you did not request, or do not want, a membership in the
isrpo> locales group, please accept our apologies
isrpo> and ignore this message.

isrpo> Regards,

isrpo> Yahoo! Groups Customer Care

isrpo> Your use of Yahoo! Groups is subject to http://docs.yahoo.com/info=


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