[I18n-sig] encoding support for Docutils: please review

Martin v. Loewis martin@v.loewis.de
01 Jul 2002 22:26:38 +0200

David Goodger <goodger@users.sourceforge.net> writes:

> Out of curiosity, is there any point in trying both ASCII and UTF-8?  UTF-8
> is a strict superset of ASCII, so shouldn't checking UTF-8 alone be enough
> for both?  If we don't care what the original encoding was (we just want
> Unicode text to process), does explicitly checking for ASCII buy us
> anything?

The answer to the last question is "no". The point in checking ASCII
specifically is that you then know that it is strictly ASCII (unless
it is iso-2022-jp, that is); if that is not interesting to know, there
is no point.