[I18n-sig] gettext-0.11.1 is released

Bruno Haible haible@ilog.fr
Wed, 13 Mar 2002 14:54:50 +0100 (CET)

It is at ftp.gnu.org (soon also its mirrors) in

New in 0.11.1:

* xgettext now also supports Python, Tcl, Awk and Glade.

* msgfmt can create (and msgunfmt can dump) Tcl message catalogs.

* msggrep has a new option -C that allows to search for strings in translator

* Bug fixes in the gettext.m4 autoconf macros.

New in 0.11:

* New programs:
    msgattrib - attribute matching and manipulation on message catalog,
    msgcat - combines several message catalogs,
    msgconv - character set conversion for message catalog,
    msgen - create English message catalog,
    msgexec - process translations of message catalog,
    msgfilter - edit translations of message catalog,
    msggrep - pattern matching on message catalog,
    msginit - initialize a message catalog,
    msguniq - unify duplicate translations in message catalog.

* msgfmt can create (and msgunfmt can dump) Java ResourceBundles.

* xgettext now also supports Lisp, Emacs Lisp, librep, Java, ObjectPascal,

* The tools now know about format strings in languages other than C.
  They recognize new message flags named lisp-format, elisp-format,
  librep-format, smalltalk-format, java-format, python-format, ycp-format.
  When such a flag is present, the msgfmt program verifies the consistency
  of the translated and the untranslated format string.

* The msgfmt command line options have changed.  Option -c now also checks
  the header entry, a check which was previously activated through -v.
  Option -C corresponds to the compatibility checks previously activated
  through -v -v.  Option -v now only increases verbosity and doesn't
  influence whether msgfmt succeeds or fails.  A new option
  --check-accelerators is useful for GUI menu item translations.

* msgcomm now writes its results to standard output by default. The options
  -d/--default-domain and -p/--output-dir have been removed.

* Manual pages for all the programs have been added.

* PO mode changes:
  - New key bindings for 'po-previous-fuzzy-entry',
    'po-previous-obsolete-entry', 'po-previous-translated-entry',
    'po-previous-untranslated', 'po-undo', 'po-other-window', and
  - Support for merging two message catalogs, based on msgcat and ediff.

* A fuzzy attribute of the header entry of a message catalog is now ignored
  by the tools, i.e. it is used even if marked fuzzy.

* gettextize has a new option --intl which determines whether a copy of the
  intl directory is included in the package.

* The Makefile variable @INTLLIBS@ is deprecated. It is replaced with
  @LIBINTL@ (in projects without libtool) or @LTLIBINTL@ (in projects with

* New packaging hints for binary package distributors. See file PACKAGING.

* New documentation sections:
  - Manipulating
  - po/LINGUAS
  - po/Makevars
  - lib/gettext.h
  - autoconf macros
  - Other Programming Languages

Happy internationalization! Bonne francisation! Frohes Eindeutschen!