[I18n-sig] Plural forms

Martin v. Loewis martin@v.loewis.de
03 Sep 2002 08:08:38 +0200

Juan David Ib=E1=F1ez Palomar <j-david@noos.fr> writes:

> The Gettext tools support plural forms, but I think that the Python
> gettext module doesn't, is this right?

That's correct.

> I'd like to contribute in this area, is this posible?

Sure! Contributions are welcome.

> Which would be the procedure? Is a PEP required? Should I do a patch
> to the module and send it somewhere? Needs it a new branch in the CVS?

Just submitting a patch should be fine. Notice that there are quite a
lot of functions to add, for the various levels of indirection.

> Is there a chance for this feature to be included in Python 2.3? ...

Certainly! Python 2.3 is still months away, and this sounds like a
feature that can be added with little debate.