[I18n-sig] CJKCodecs 1.0 is released

Hye-Shik Chang perky@i18n.org
Sat, 19 Jul 2003 21:48:57 +0900

The CJKCodecs 1.0 has been released for General Availability and
it's available for download at:


The CJKCodecs is a unified unicode codec set for Chinese, Japanese
and Korean encodings. It supports full features of unicode codec
specification and PEP293 error callbacks on Python 2.3.

The CJKCodecs is supporting these encodings in this time:

 big5 cp932 cp949 cp950 euc-jisx0213 euc-jp euc-kr gb18030 gb2312
 gbk hz iso-2022-jp iso-2022-jp-1 iso-2022-jp-2 iso-2022-jp-3
 iso-2022-kr johab shift-jis shift-jisx0213 utf-7 utf-8

Changes came with 1.0 from 1.0b1:

  *) UTF-16 codecs are removed from distribution.

  *) Fixed UTF-7 codec's bug that fails to decode surrogate pair on

Changes came with 1.0b1 from 0.9:

  *) SHIFT-JISX0213, EUC-JISX0213, ISO-2022-JP-2 and ISO-2022-JP-3
     codec is added.

  *) UTF-7, UTF-16, UTF-16BE and UTF-16LE codec is added.

  *) Changed a few characters of a big5 codepoint mapping to cp950's
     rather than 0xfffd. (documented on NOTES.big5)

  *) Fixed a bug that JIS X 0201 routine doesn't encode and decode 0x7f.

  *) Tweaked some mapping for cp932 and cp950 to make more consistency
     with MS Windows.
     - CP932: Added single byte "UNDEFINED" characters 0x80, 0xa0, 0xfd,
              0xfe, 0xff (documented on NOTES.cp932)
     - CP950: Changed encode mappings to another more popular for
              duplicated unicode points: 5341 -> A451, 5345 -> A4CA

  *) A unittest for big5 mapping is added.

  *) Fixed a bug that cp932 codec couldn't decode half-width katakana.

  *) Added a workaround for PyObject_GenericGetAttr to enable compiling
     with mingw32. [Young-Sik Won]

  *) Enable gb18030 and utf-8 codec encode and decode iso-10646-2
     characters using surrogate pair.

  *) Fixed gb18030 codec's syntax error that disturbs compilation on
     python compiled with --with-unicode=ucs4 option. [Son, Kyung-uk]

  *) StreamWriter became to be able to buffer incomplete sequences.
     (this feature is used for surrogate-pair and mapping from unicode
      character with a following modifier)

  *) EUC-JP codec's mapping for 0xA1C0 is changed from U+005C to
     U+FF3C because EUC-JP 0x5C is also a REVERSE SOLIDUS and 0xA1C0 is
     FULLWIDTH REVERSE SOLIDUS on japanese environments.

  *) Fixed hz codec's bug that doesn't initialize the encoding mode to

Thank you very much!

    Hye-Shik =)