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Carol wanted me to tell you about this place.


Ensure that you visit the link in 24 hrs to confirm your eligibility. 

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 "Within the local area of Alex itself, wave heights can be in excess of 12 feet," said Chris Sisko of the hurricane center. "So it's quite rough for shipping in that sense. They need to steer clear."  Rainfall accumulations are from 1 to 2 inches, with some higher amounts, the center said.  Alex also was expected to create high surf conditions along much of the U.S. Southeast and Middle Atlantic coast for the next few days, according to the center.
Sisko said swimmers and surfers -- if they enter the water -- should "be on the watch for rip currents. That's certainly a threat as long as Alex remains stationary. It's generating quite a bit of swell."  Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is on the southern end of the tropical storm warning area.  Although the weather there Monday was only mostly cloudy, with no high winds or rain, city spokesman Mark Kruea said authorities were taking precautions.  "It depends on what sort of winds we're expecting later in the day," Kruea said. "Typically, if you expect significant winds, we'll go to the trouble of taking all the trash cans off the beach. I don't think we've done that yet.  "We're making sure that everyone is aware and that the beach patrols and lifeguards are keeping an eye on the swimmers and that everybody knows about the riptide possibility," Kruea said. In the center of the hurricane warning area, in Surf City, North Carolina, Cathi Williams of the Sea Star Motel near the beach said some of her guests were asking about alternative activities if the storm should hit.   "Everybody's out on the beach today," Williams said, including a handful of surfers taking advantage of the high waves.  

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