[I18n-sig] SHOWCASE at 25th Internationalization and Unicode Conference Mar 31-Apr 2, Wash. DC, USA

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Invitation to Exhibit  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Twenty-fifth Internationalization and Unicode Conference (IUC25)
     Unicode in Government:  Building a Multilingual Infrastructure
                         March 31 - April 2, 2004
                             Washington, D.C.


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  THE SHOWCASE  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

The Unicode Consortium and Global Meeting Services invite you to exhibit at the
25th Internationalization & Unicode Conference (IUC25) March 31, through April
2, 2004, in Washington, D.C. With a limited number of booth spaces and
sponsorships available, you don't want to miss out on participating in this

The SHOWCASE is your best opportunity to introduce your products and services
to decision-makers and end-users involved with software and Web globalization.
This Washington D.C. conference is focused on the linguistic needs of
governments and is therefore of special interest for vendors catering to
municipal, federal, domestic and international government organizations. The
Internationalization and Unicode Conference is the premier technical conference
worldwide for both software and Web internationalization.

* The Conference program includes an Exhibitors Track designed to meet
  the needs of the many attendees that are looking for solutions and
  services providers.  Exhibitors present their distinguishing 
  characteristics, key challenges and recent innovations in a panel 
  discussion format.  A limited number of slots on the panel are 
  available to registered exhibiting organizations. Slots are filled
  on a first-come, first-serve basis.

* The Exhibitors Track will be clearly identified on the conference
  brochure and agenda.

* The conference Web site will describe the Exhibitors track and
  identify the speakers and their topics alongside corporate logos and 
  links to their web sites. 

* Exhibitors are asked to contribute two gift items prior to the event.
  The items are added to the pool of door prizes given away at the end 
  of each day to SHOWCASE attendees. 

* Exhibitors may provide marketing collateral to be given to attendees
  upon arrival along with the conference materials. 

* Special events such as prize lotteries, book signings, and break-time
  snacks are held in the SHOWCASE area to encourage browsing of exhibits.


Recognition will be given to exhibitors who also choose to sponsor
the following conference areas or activities: luncheons, coffee
breaks, Dinner Event, Internet kiosk, evaluation collections.

Don't delay; booth space and sponsorships are allocated on a
first-come, first-served basis.


Conference attendees are generally involved in either the creation of
multilingual content or the development, deployment or globalization of
software or Web applications. They consist of both decision makers and
end-users of relevant products and services.  Typical titles include managers,
software engineers, testers, systems analysts, program managers, system
administrators, font designers, graphic designers, content developers, Web
designers, Web administrators, site coordinators, technical writers, and
product marketing.


Language and multilingual requirements of governments and industries around the
world will be addressed in several sessions as well as in the Government Track
devoted to standards and resources for government workers.

Everette Jordan, Director of the United States Government National Virtual
Translation Center (NVTC), will be a keynote speaker.

The Internationalization and Unicode Conference provides the most up-to-date
technical information on standards, best practices, and recent advances in the
globalization of software and the Internet.  Panel discussions and the friendly
atmosphere allow exchange of ideas with peers and key players in the
internationalization industry.

The redeveloped and enhanced Unicode 4.0 Tutorial is the only tutorial endorsed
by the Unicode Consortium.

For more details and the Exhibitor Registration forms, see:

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