[I18n-sig] CJKCodecs 1.0.3 is released.

Hye-Shik Chang perky at i18n.org
Sat Jan 3 09:45:46 EST 2004


I'm pleased to release CJKCodecs 1.0.3 on January 3rd. :) CJKCodecs
1.0.3 is released as new bugfix release. This revision improves
iso-2022 support and all current users are encouraged to upgrade
to the new version. All changes on this revision are suggested by
Hatuka*nezumi <nezumi at jca.apc.org>. Thank you, nezumi!

CJKCodecs is a unified unicode codec set for Chinese, Japanese and
Korean encodings. It supports full features of unicode codec
specification and PEP293 error callbacks on Python 2.3.

CJKCodecs is supporting these encodings in this time:

 big5 cp932 cp949 cp950 euc-jisx0213 euc-jp euc-kr gb18030 gb2312
 gbk hz iso-2022-jp iso-2022-jp-1 iso-2022-jp-2 iso-2022-jp-3
 iso-2022-jp-ext iso-2022-kr johab shift-jis shift-jisx0213 utf-7

What's new in CJKCodecs 1.0.3:

  *) JIS X 0208 21-40 is now mapped to 0xFF3C FULL-WIDTH REVERSE SOLIDUS
     on ISO-2022-JP* codecs.

  *) Fixed ISO-2022 decoder's behavior that didn't understand JIS X

  *) ISO-2022-JP{,-1,-3} codecs now bypass SI and SO for compatibility
     with JapaneseCodecs and old mainframes.

  *) Removed PUA(Private Use Area) support from EUC-JP and SHIFT-JIS codec
     which is usually undesired by Japanese users.

  *) ISO-2022 codecs now raise decode error for bytes set MSB.

  *) ISO-2022-JP* codecs now supports designation for JIS X 0208:1997 (ESC
     & @ ESC $ B). While this isn't seen on RFCs, it's still worth to meet
     Japanese domestic standards.

  *) The real ISO-2022-JP-EXT codec is added.

You can download CJKCodecs from:


Thank you!

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