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payparl@yahoo.com payparl at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 9 21:44:36 CEST 2005

21 days ago I got a le.ads d/base for 80$USD.
14 days ago I started learning & mark.eting.
10 days ago I got my first.check_in the post.
Up to today's date I have 35\-checks.
20 join/ups in 15 days.
20 paid_join/ups made me over 3000USD$
I spent 80USD and made over 3k

I am not very good at mark/eting. I was given
help to write my sales_message and advice how
pro.mote my business without cost. I am learning
how to help myself, afterall not many people will
help you. 

James Spurgeon >USA<

You should try this "new" and "unique" way of
getting sign/ups. It works.

You have to do some mark.eting work but it's
easy and it works - fast. It's mostly about learning
what to do and doing it. It's learning to help

You can get 20-30 paid_sign/ups in a
matter of weeks just doing a few hours work
and following your men/tor.

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mentor25 at isp-q.com please put "1234" in the
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like this: ("Your name" - "Business URL").

It's easy to suceed, just use our experience.

If you want to request me to stop mailing you,
please send me an email and it will cease
from 12 hours. Put "stop22" in the subject

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