[I18n-sig] 27th Unicode Conference - April 6-8, 2005 - Berlin, Germany

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             Unicode, Cultural Diversity and Multilingual Computing
                                Berlin, Germany
                                April 6-8, 2005

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Program Overview
Is your company prepared to meet the multilingual and multicultural
requirements of the European Union (EU)? Are you able to expand your business 
as the EU expands? Want to learn more? Take a close look at the 27th 
Internationalization & Unicode Conference (IUC27). 

As the premier technical conference worldwide for both software and Web 
internationalization, this conference is ideal for those involved in 
internationalization of software and the Web, or Unicode-enabling software.

Program Highlights:

 * Multilingual and Multicultural Computing
   - Internationalized domain names in the management of cultural heritage
   - Multilingual metasearch issues
   - A look at the European Parliament migrating to a Unicode based production 
     system for 20 languages

 * Computing in the Expanded European Union
   - Multilingual issues in IT for the enlarged European Union
   - Fonts designed for the new environment
   - Open source to meet European Union needs

 * Web Internationalization
   - The latest developments in internationalized Web services and addresses
   - Internationalization at the W3C

 * Localization Technologies
     Sponsored by TILP (The Institute of Localization Professionals), IUC27
     feature a track outlining the latest advances in localization tools, 
     technologies, and standards, also covering localization workflow,
     to XLIFF, a discussion on IGNITE, and the latest technology from Trados 
     and Rainbow

 * Language Support in Francophone Africa
     An in-depth workshop, conducted in French, led by a panel of experts on
     languages of Francophone Africa. See the description below under
 * Other highlights:
   - Locale Data: Common Locale Data Repository (CCLDR) 
   - Internationalized Web Addresses: Internationalized Domain Names and 
     Internationalized Resource Identifiers (IRI) 
   - Language Tags: A progress report on the proposed update for RFC3066 
   - Linux: Supplementary characters in Linux 
   - Indic Scripts: Recent issues in development and deployment 
   - Mobile Computing: The latest in internationalized mobile applications
 * Tutorials and implementation support:
     The conference will offer one day of our highly acclaimed tutorials, 
     including Unicode 4.0, Web internationalization, XML and localization, 
     getting started with International Components for Unicode (ICU), and 
     designing culturally appropriate user interfaces. The Unicode 4.0 tutorial 
     is the only Unicode tutorial officially sanctioned by the Unicode
     Consortium.  See the program for details. 
 * Workshop:
     For the first time, the conference will include an in-depth workshop 
     conducted entirely in French. Experts on the languages used in 
     Francophone Africa will describe the challenges for the continent.  Africa 
     uses many languages written with extended Latin characters as well as non-
     Latin scripts such as Arabic, Tifinagh, and N'ko.  The workshop will 
     include a panel format to offer dialogue on topics such as localization, 
     transcription, and spelling tools.  The workshop will be led by Donald 
     Osborn, an expert in rural development and founder of the Bisharat 
     initiative. Dr. Osborn has worked extensively in West Africa and 
     has published a lexicon of Fulfulde.

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If you have a limited training budget, this is the one Internationalization
conference you need.  Send staff that are involved in either
Unicode-enabling software, or internationalization of software and the
Internet, including: managers, software engineers, systems analysts, font
designers, graphic designers, content developers, Web designers, Web
administrators, system administrators, technical writers, and product
marketing personnel.


The Conference Program and Registration form are available at the
Conference Web site:



Visit the Showcase to find out more about products supporting the
Unicode Standard, and products and services that can help you
globalize/localize your software, documentation and Internet content.

For more information, please see:


The Conference will take place at the:

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     D-10787 Berlin

     Tel: +49 (0) 30 21 00 70
     Fax: +49 (0) 30 21 32 00 9


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The Unicode Consortium was founded as a non-profit organization in 1991.
It is dedicated to the development, maintenance and promotion of The
Unicode Standard, a worldwide character encoding. The Unicode Standard
encodes the characters of the world's principal scripts and languages,
and is code-for-code identical to the international standard ISO/IEC
10646. In addition to cooperating with ISO on the future development of
ISO/IEC 10646, the Consortium is responsible for providing character
properties and algorithms for use in implementations. Today the
membership base of the Unicode Consortium includes major computer
corporations, software producers, database vendors, research
institutions, international agencies and various user groups.

For further information on the Unicode Standard, visit the Unicode Web
site at http://www.unicode.org

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