[I18n-sig] Format strings

Josef Spillner 2005 at kuarepoti-dju.net
Wed Nov 30 15:39:31 CET 2005

El Lunes, 28. Noviembre 2005 20:46, Martin v. Löwis escribió:
> But it is encoded in utf-8! Why do you say it isn't? "be encoded in
> UTF-8" is different from "be a Unicode string". Unicode strings are
> a separate data type (different from byte strings). "UTF-8" is a
> *byte* encoding, so an UTF-8 string is *not* a character string,
> but a byte string.

OK, sorry, my mistake.

> There is an undocumented -U option which makes all string literals
> Unicode strings. Please try this out - you will likely find that
> your application breaks.

See my other reply. It'd be helpful to have a chapter advertising this option 
for people to be able to prepare any necessary changes. Of course a 
prerequisite would be that at least the basic included modules work with it.
It could also serve as an invitation for people to help migrating the modules.


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